United-Kingdom-flag-24  Welcome to the official sigma Specializing in the construction of equipment for working and installation of porcelain tiles.

Italy-Flag-24  Benvenuto nel sito ufficiale sigma specializzato nella costruzione di attrezzature per la lavorazione e la posa di piastrelle in gres porcellanato.

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  • josh snuggs

    I was wondering if i could buy an english measuring bar for the Sigma 3C2 Metric Tile Cutter 77cm. How much would it cost if i can?

  • Cont Mihai

    Bonjour j’ai travaillé avec avec la coupe carrelage SIGMA et m’a été volé. Je veux acheter plusieurs modèles de coupe carrelage SIGMA. AU JE PEUT COAMANDE VOTRE ARTICLE. MON NR TÉLÉPHONE +33652321520 MR. CONT

  • Alvin

    Hi Friends,

    Tile Cutting Machine
    We are factory from china.
    Please contact me as follow:

    Thanks & B.regards,

    Alvin Wu
    Yongkang Yishang Industry&Trade Co. Ltd.
    Add.:No.11 Suxi East Road,Greatwall Industry Area, Yongkang Zhejiang China.
    Mobile:+86-18857967958 Skype:qxl.allen
    Wechat:18857967958 Email:ykyishang@163.com

  • VolodymyrDiadiuk

    Hello, i would like to buy Jolly Edge (37A1PD)with 75B,75C, 37C,72l06 and Simple Bevel (36A4PD) 36C4,72P. Thank you !!!
    My email: Denvolcontracting@gmail.com

  • sigmaitalia-adm

    send mail with request to: info@sigmaitalia.com

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